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Ptarmigan hunting


We offer great ptarmigan hunting in one of the best hunting areas in northern Iceland. Ptarmigan (Rock Ptarmigan) hunting is by far the most popular shooting sport in Iceland.


The hunt.

We offer 5 day trips with 3 days of hunting.

Day 1: In the afternoon you will arrive at Keflavik International Airport. You will then take a domestic flight in Iceland, from Reykjavík to Akureyri. There our guide welcomes you and takes you to our lodge in Stöng, Mývatn.


Day 2: We wake up before sunrise for a good breakfast. The hunting area will depend on the amount of snow in the area. We could be hunting in an area with bush cover, birch bushes or lava. If snow is scarce, we might head up to hills and mountains, there we can use our standing pointers to find the ptarmigan. The dogs we use are German shorthair pointer, English setter and sometimes Labrador to retrieve in birch bushes.


Day 3: Same schedule as for day 2.


Day 4: Same schedule as for days 2 and 3. At the end of the day the journey home begins and you will be transfer to Akureyri Airport. 


Food & Accommodation

Accommodation during the hunt is in a comfortable cottage with all modern amenities, including warm tiled floor and hot tubs. We offer full board during the hunt.


What to bring: Shotguns gauge 12 or 16, double barrel or 3-shot pump or semi-automatic are the most suitable. Warm waterproof / windproof outer clothing, warm underwear and preferably Gore-Tex hiking boots. Temperatures can vary from -15° - +5° centigrade, but generally the temperature is fluctuating between -5° to +5 centigrade.


Other options:

Rent a shotgun: over/under (Italian) and semi-automatic (Remington 1187 and Breda). 

Extra hunting day  (seabird hunting and sea angling in the same trip or artic fox hunting)


Sightseeing in the beautiful Mývatn area and a visit to a good bird museum. 


Special Service: We offer you to have some of the hunt, e.g. fillet from the birds, vacuum packed and frozen to take with you home. 

When you have booked the trip, we will provide you with a more detailed list of what to bring.

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