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Hunting Season 2023



You can now book your hunting trip with Icelandic Hunting Adventures for 2022 season in Iceland and Greenland.



The hunting seasons in Iceland are:


Goose Hunting: 20th agust - 15th November


Duck Hunting: 1st september -  15th November


Ptarmigan Hunting: 1st November - 30th November (5 days a week)


Reindeer Hunting:  15th July - 15th September


Artic Fox Hunting:  10th January - 25th April


Seabird Hunting:  1st September - 10th May


Puffin Hunting: 1st April - 25th April


The Hunting seasons in Greenland are:


Musk Ox:  1st July - 20th september


Reindeer:  15th August - 20th September


Combi Hunt:  15th August - 20th September



Please contact us by email for more information.

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