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Arctic Fox Hunting


Arctic Fox  winter hunting is a great and unique hunting experience. They are very intelligent and therefore hard to get. They are also fast runners and can disapears in a moment. The arctic fox is a cunning animal and is also a great hunter. Hunting a hunter is extremely demanding task and specially when the hunt is mostly done in the night-time. The arctic fox is on the prowl over the night, so hunting a white fox in a snowy environment can get a bit tricky.  Usually we hunt from opvarming huts with comfortable chairs and bunks and use a meat bait to get the fox to the area. We use both riffels (6,5 x 55)and semi-automat shootguns depending on the circumstances and how long is the distance to the bait.



Standard hunting package:  5 days with 3 days/nights Artic Fox hunting. 

Combination package: 6 days with 3 days/nights Artic Fox hunting and two days Seabirds hunting/Sea angling.


Included:  Hunting, accommodations during the hunt are in warm and comfortable cottage with all modern amenities. Each hunters has his own room. We provide breakfast and 2 good meals per. day. Guide with a big four wheeler truck. Hunting dogs.



About the Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox lives in some of the most frigid extremes on the planet. Among its adaptation for cold survival are its deep, thick fur, a system of countercurrent heat exchance in the circulation of paws to retain core temperature, and a good supply of body fat. The fox has a low surface area volume ratio, as evidenced by its generally rounded body shape, short muzzle and legs, and short, thick ears. Since less of its surface area is exposed to the Arctic cold, less heat escapes the body. Its furry paws allow it to walk on ice in search of food. The Arctic Fox has such keen hearing that it can precisely locate the position of prey under the snow. When it finds prey, it pounces and punches through the snow to catch its victim. Its fur changes colour with the seasons: in the winter it is white to blend in with snow, while in the summer months it changes to bown.

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